July 17, 2010

Dear friends of the Brooklyn Bridge Forest,

We are currently constructing a small-scale architectural model of the Promenade boardwalk showing the new sustainable hardwood planks and the signatures as they would appear on the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade. This model will be on display at  the New Amsterdam Market next weekend July 24th (which we hope you will visit!).

We would love to use your signatures on this model. We need to collect 25 signatures for the model by this coming Tuesday. If you would like to support the project in this way and see your John Hancock on a very cool little architectural model, please send us an image of your signature (as a PDF or JPEG) that we will laser etch onto the planks.

You may have security concerns about doing this (although the word is still out on the implications of signature images given how easily available they are today). Of course we commit to destroying these image files once they have been used for the etching. But if you have this concern you can create a “fake” signature that we will be just as happy to use. Here is a chance to test out that new identity! This is simply a fun and graphic way to convey the message of individual sponsorship of a great cause. So, sign a piece of white paper any way you like, scan it and send it to info@brooklynbridgeforest.com. Then come and visit us at the New Amsterdam Market next to the South Street Seaport on July 24th, or watch for the photos on Facebook to check out the results!

Brooklyn Bridge Forest Team



July 16, 2010

discussing the project at New Amsterdam Market

team planning meeting

discussing the forest in Layasika

scott francisco’s painting of the bridge and forest