The much-loved wooden boardwalk of the historic Brooklyn Bridge will need to be replaced soon. The traditional material – chosen for strength and beauty – is naturally durable tropical hardwood. Unfortunately, most tropical hardwood is currently obtained in ways that harm the environment, as well as native cultures and economies.

Rather than a substitute material (like recycled plastic or chemically treated softwood), we propose an innovative strategy to use ethically sourced hardwood. A dedicated Brooklyn Bridge Forest will be endowed by sponsors like you, and managed and harvested in a way that surpasses even the strictest Forest Stewardship Council standards. This sustainable forest (in a yet to be chosen location) will ensure that the Promenade boardwalk has the wood it needs for centuries to come, and that the global environment has a new and powerful ally in the people of New York City and the friends of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge Forest is a Pilot Projects initiative and has involved the collaboration of architects, planners, forestry experts, sociologists, writers, politicians, artists and engineers.


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