August 20, 2010

Dear friends of the Brooklyn Bridge Forest,

If you missed us last time, please come visit us this Sunday August 22nd at the New Amsterdam Market.  The Market is a fantastic New York City venue featuring an incredible variety of local foods, treats and crafts.  We will have a table with informational materials and the Brooklyn Bridge as our backdrop.  Once again we will be talking to New Yorkers about the project and our goals of protecting the Brooklyn Bridge promenade, preserving the rainforest and involving supporters directly in a globally transparent and educational process.  We had a fantastic response at the last Market and are hoping to have another great day.  Also, there will be a special ice cream tasting in case you need an extra incentive!

Over the last few weeks we’ve been having some interesting adventures.  Two architecture students from Paris are working with Pilot Projects, and created a device to precisely count the boards on the promenade.  Visit our Facebook page to see the results of their hard work – or just come on Sunday and meet them at the Market.  We also had a first conversation with WNYC (who are monitoring the progress of the Brooklyn Bridge restoration) and are hoping our story will make it on the air soon.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Brooklyn Bridge Forest team

PS. For more frequent updates, join us on Facebook and Twitter!


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